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A place to work, to live, to enjoy

The studio house provides the ideal setting for closed meetings, conferences, courses, seminaries, workshops; for private events; or for photo and film shootings. Whether you wish to live or to work here, privacy is guaranteed. The generous, well lit, open rooms flowing over three mezzanines offer an unique spatial experience. Carefully chosen design classics create a friendly and relaxing ambiance. The wooden terrace, catching the sun from the south and the west, opens on the pasture and the woods’ edge. There is always something to catch your attention: the grazing animals, a predator soaring around the sky, a hunting fox. The north-oriented gravel square catches the midday light and the evening sun.



Why not have a meal outside? Or work in the shade of the hornbeam tree? Or strum a cheerful melody on the white grand piano?
The sleeping and bathing area can be divided by a sliding door. The free-standing bath tub offers a splendid view on the pasture and the woods. A well equipped kitchen island is the center of the open plan dining area.

Space 200 m²
Room height up to 4.00 m 

Prices on request. We will be glad to make you an offer.