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The family

Ewa Rotzler, half Hungarian, is the perfect host and a gifted interior decorator. She knows just what it takes to make our houses open and hospitable.

Landscape architect Stefan Rotzler takes care of the garden and lends a hand wherever he is needed.

Well-traveled daughter Isabel is studying photography and – most often – succeeds in what she does.

Our animals

Oscar, our Berner Sennendog, is a kind and warmhearted being, very friendly with anyone.

Emma, the black mongrel, is our watch dog who sometimes tends to bark too much and too loud.
Ewa’s favorite is the proud, majestic Friesen horse Lölke with his flowing mane, while old Max, the other horse, seems like a mythical, etherical creature in comparison.
Caruso, the donkey, is extremely clever. One has to know him a bit to appreciate his wittiness. His favorite toy is the yellow garden hose.
Pony Fleur is Babette’s mother and Henri’s aunt, the two mules fathered by donkey Igor ... tricky family relationshsips! Igor ranks lowest in the pecking order.